One To One Counselling in Harley Street, London, Hove, Sussex and Marlow, Bucks


A counsellor and a therapeutic coach is a trained listener, who will listen to your problems and has the insight and experience to facilitate your own healing process. People often come to counselling when they feel stuck; this sense of powerlessness can lead to unhappiness and low mood, which can in turn lead to physical ill-health.

Having someone to tell your troubles to and being able to let them out, can often be a great relief. Counselling aims to address the cause of the problem, and enables you to become aware of the processes and patterns that may have led you to feeling powerlessness and overwhelmed.

The insight counselling and therapeutic coaching helps you gain, often makes you feel free to make choices instead of feeling anxious and victimised.

woman in distress 3Counselling helps us to see and understand the process by which we can become trapped in our own issues and unable to see the wood from the trees. Heightened awareness and insight combined with the relief of being able to express our problems enables us to make choices instead of being powerless victims. If you are looking for a counsellor or a therapeutic coach in Harley Street, London or a counsellor in Marlow, Bucks or Hove, Sussex, contact me today.